Frequently Asked Questions


We have compiled a list of the most common questions asked by families using the service.  If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Jill or Karin.

Click any of the questions below to show the answer to that query.

How do we make payments ?

Payments are made by internet, telephone or over the counter banking.  All fees are due by the 2nd of the month.

How does my child get to and from School in the morning and afternoon?

P1 & 2 will be taken to school by an assigned member of staff - Karin P1, Margaret P2. 

P3-7 walk to their playground at 8.45am on fair weather and through the school if poor weather.  

All children come to chatterbox though the school at 3pm.  Teachers have lists for every year group but parents must inform the school and ourselves of any changes.

What if I need to change my days ?

Please see Jill or Karin for availability.

If my child is sick do I still pay?

Yes, see handbook for more details.

If I am on holiday, do I still pay?

Yes, you will still be charged for days you choose not to send your child.

Can I drop my child off before 8am?

No.  Children are not permitted into the building until 8am.

What if my fees are late?

A charge of £10 will be applied to your account and you may loose your refundable deposit.  See term and conditions in the handbook.

What happens if the school has to close due to adverse weather conditions or no heating etc?

Chatterbox will not open if the school has declared that it will close.  You will be kept in formed via text and on the website.

Is it possible to have a one off extra day?

Yes, see Jill or Karin for availability.

What do they get to eat for breakfast/snack?

Breakfast has a selection of Cereal and toast, milk, water and fruit juice.

Afternoon snack is created using children's ideas.  It works on a 4 week rota and is changed every term. See the menu link for further details.

What happens if I am late?

Contact Jill or Karin as soon as you can.  If late coming is a regular feature, you will be charged £20 for every instance.