Terms and Conditions


We believe that our standard terms and conditions reflect the custom and practice of private Out of School day-care provision.

The rules concerning notice and payment of fees are designed to promote stability, assist forward planning and the proper resourcing of the service. Nothing within these terms and conditions affects the parents/guardians statutory rights.

To enable us to provide and maintain the highest standards of care we require all parents/guardians to be aware of, and abide by, the following conditions (click any heading to expand);


To register your child at the Out of School Club, a non-refundable Registration Fee of £30 is payable for each child to secure your place.

Who is responsible for payment of fees

Fees are invoiced to the person named as the ‘Primary Guardian’ on the Registration Form, unless alternate arrangements are in place. Where fees are payable by a third party i.e. a College any late/underpayments or non-payments become the responsibility of the Primary Guardian.

How Fees are calculated

Fees are calculated one month in advance and are payable by electronic transfer no later than the 2nd of each month.  

You will normally recieve your invoice in the last week of the month (20th-28th) detailing the amount you are due to pay for the following month.  For example - fees for October - you will recieve your invoice on or around the 21st September and are expected to make your electronic payment on or before the 2nd of October.

We are happy to accept childcare vouchers, please see the parents handbook for details.

New Starts

A refundable deposit of 1 months child-care fee is payable together with your 1st months fees, 2 weeks prior to taking up your placement. If your child attends three afternoons per week your refundable deposit will be calculated as follows;

3 afternoons x 4 weeks = 12 sessions x £10 per session = £120.00 plus fees for your 1st  month.

Please note that should you pay your refundable deposit at the time of registration you will not be required to pay a ‘Registration Fee’.

If your account has been managed in accordance with our terms and conditions your deposit will be refunded when your child leaves the out of school care.

If there is any delay in taking up a place Fees remain due and payable from the confirmed start date.

Late Fees

Payments which are not received by the close of business on the 2nd of the month will be deemed late. If you are paying through a childcare voucher scheme please note that you will be asked to pay your fees in cash until your voucher payment has been received. On receipt of your voucher payment your cash will be refunded.

Chatterbox Childcare Ltd. reserves the right to charge a daily fee of £10.00 on late fees. This applies to all methods of payment – self, voucher or 3rd party e.g. college etc.

Should fees remain outstanding as of the 4th of each month Chatterbox Childcare Ltd. reserves the right to exclude children from the service until fees are paid in full.

Dropping off and collecting children

The breakfast club hours are Monday to Friday 8am – 9am, please be aware that Parents/children will not be allowed into the building before 8am.

The afternoon sessions are offered Monday to Friday 3pm – 6pm, please be aware that the service closes at 6pm prompt. If a child arrives at the club early and/or leaves late by more than 10 mins in total (without previously notifying the Manager) a charge will be made. A flat rate of £20 will be applied for every instance of late coming.

Tax Credit

If you are claiming Tax Credit, please be aware that checks are made regularly. We would advise that all invoices and receipts are kept. We are happy to provide you with documentation of your payments at a cost of £20.00.

Changes to Pick Up Arrangements

If for any reason you have to make changes to your normal pick up arrangements (or authorised person on your registration form) we would ask that you notify staff.

This is to ensure that your child is leaving with the correct adult. This also saves time and can avoid any difficult or embarrassing situations from arising.


In the event of sickness, the full fee is payable for the first week. Thereafter on presentation of a doctor’s certificate a fee of 1/3 of the normal charge will retain the place for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Any additional absence will require Full payment.
If your child becomes ill during a session the manager will contact the parent/guardian or the emergency contact as indicated on the Registration form.

Photographs of Children

You should be aware that Chatterbox Childcare Ltd occasionally takes photographs within the setting. These are used for display purposes but may also be used in training or promotional material.


Chatterbox Childcare Ltd does not accept responsibility for accidental injury or loss of property. We maintain insurance as required by law. Copies of the current Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance are displayed on the notice board.

Fee Increases

Please note that the annual fee increase falls on the 1st April unless otherwise informed in writing, giving at least one months notice.


All staff and children will be treated with courtesy and respect. Children who display unwanted or negative behaviour will be asked to forfeit their placement.

Leaving Service

4 weeks notice, in writing, is required when a child is to be withdrawn from the service.
If sufficient notice is not received your Deposit will be retained in lieu of notice.  One months notice is required if you wish to reduce the sessions/days attended.